Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

Another year and another fashion week passes by in a blink of an eye. Kicking off with a big bang in the “Big Apple”, New York, followed by London, Milan and with a phenomenal finale in the “City of Love”, Paris. All eyes were on the four biggest fashion capitals of the world to see what some of the top designers had to showcase for Spring/Summer 2014. Here are a few major trends, one from each city, and what you will no doubt find trickling its way onto the high-streets and into your wardrobes come next Spring-Summer.

Sports Style

One trend that emerged on a number of runways, and which underpinned that of the legendary Vera Wang over in New York, was Sport. However, as with her well renowned wedding gowns the world over, it is sport with a very, VERY feminine twist. Swathes of mesh and chiffon created soft, airy silhouettes making it a far cry from the simple shapes and clean lines we often associate with athleticism. Wang proceeded with the primary route in terms of palette choice, with red-orange, canary yellow and sapphire blue layered over black and white, occasionally injected with transparent paneling, whilst creating beautiful, geometric shapes that hung beautifully off the body. This isn’t a look to sport at your local gym but one that can easily translate into your wardrobe next Spring.

Layers of chiffon in sapphire blue and black created soft silhouettes at Vera Wang.

Pretty Pastels

Dominating the runway at Burberry Prorsum across the Atlantic in London is another trend that is almost synonymous with spring much like floral is. Pastel shades. Like honey to the bee, the gentle hues often finds itself intertwined with the botanical elements. Creative Chief Officer, Christopher Bailey, chose a soft palette of baby pinks, mint greens, periwinkle blues and luscious lilacs in the form of jersey, suede, cashmere but most notably lace (which was sourced from Nottingham, once one of the world’s prime manufacturers). The silhouettes were prim and proper, lady-like chic with cinched-in waists and where hems of pencil skirts sat conservatively below the knee. However, the collection was anything but conservative. Sheer blouses and see-through skirts (in luscious lace of course) were the dish du jour but think pretty rather than overtly sexy. One could sum up Burberry Prorsum’s showcase quite aptly as the perfect “English Rose”. Team pastel colours with neutral tones such as soft tans, gentle greys and simple, crisp white to create and a pretty yet sophisticated look come spring.

Pretty pastel shades and lace dominated at Burberry Prorsum.

Flirty Florals

Like Ying to the Yang, the association of flowers with spring time is inevitable. In Paris, we saw florals descend the catwalk at Raf Simmons for Christian Dior. From print to embroidery, the floral trend was clearly evident on the runway if not for the elaborate but beautiful Wisteria and Orchids which snaked its way around the walls and roof top to make like a pretty spectacular spring garden. The botanical trend was interpreted by Simmons not only into bold vibrant prints but also in form, with dresses that billowed out from the waistlines with open pleats (pleats is another BIG trend next season so keep your eye out for it). From blooming buds to pretty petals, make sure you include a bit of flower power in your wardrobe next season.

Full Bloom at Dior

Clashing Prints

In Milan, we witnessed a profusion of colourful prints. Whilst also endorsing the botanical trend, loud leopard and cute checks (which are currently one of the biggest trends this Autumn/Winter 2013) in tropical hues graced the runway at Just Cavalli, with accents of monochrome. The fun and flirty collection showed acres of flesh with midrift baring cropped tops, thigh-high splits and hemlines which barely exist- not for the light-hearted. The show infused the glamorous tropics with the wild jungle, creating fashion fever and not a trend to miss out on come spring.

Clashing prints ruled the runway at Just Cavalli.

What’s Hot This Fall 2013

Wondering what to wear now that summer has waved us “hasta la vista” baby and it’s beginning to feel like there’s a lot less difference between night and day? Well read on for a round-up of some of the biggest and most prominent trends happening right now.

Check Point

Whether its tartan, gingham or hounds-tooth, the check is absolutely everywhere thanks to the likes of Italian power house, Moschino and Brit designer Stella McCartney. For those who aren’t brave enough to don the look head to toe as seen on the runway, team your chequered piece with black or white to create a versatile look for your everyday wardrobe. If you’re opting for a monochromatic piece, team it with a strong, bold hue like red for that pop of colour that will bring your outfit together.

Stella McCartney embraces the tartan trend.

Say It With Flowers

This year, the botanical trend defies the cold temperatures and stands its ground- it’s not going anywhere. We often associate floral prints with the summer months and as soon as the sun sets, we are often too quick to condemn them to the back of the wardrobe. However, this Autumn/Winter they evolve and mature into darker, deeper shades of chocolate, plum and crimson, exuding a more glamorous yet mystical aura as seen at the likes of Valentino and Erdem (below).



Wild Thing

Animal print makes a roaring come back and was seen all over the catwalks including Burberry and Tom Ford (as below). The look is loud and wild but not garish. Ford teamed his leopard with understated black lace creating an alluringly sexy vision and one that will definitely not go unnoticed. At Burberry, giant giraffe print adorned the runway. The famous Burberry trench-coat appeared in many guises including a giraffe print on neoprene bonded calf-skin, with contrasting leather collar and cuff-straps. The look here was feminine chic with a conspicuous twist.

tom ford animal



Love for Leather

Go hell for leather this season as the fabric is back with a vengeance as seen at Prada (below) and Louis Vuitton. There’s something about leather that screams sexy rebellion stemming from the era of punk-rock. Although the classic biker jacket will forever remain a safe staple to many, be adventurous and look at alternative garment pieces such as T-shirts or skirts. If you’re feeling even more brave, go for colour rather than conventional black. The outcome will be anything but boring.

Phillip Lim Leather

Size Matters

What better to keep you all wrapped up and warm this fall than a coat and this season, the bigger the better. Over-sized is the new silhouette when it comes to outerwear, ensuring that you are able to brave the elements when the mercury drops whilst simultaneously keeping you snug and cosy. Softly, rounded cocoon shapes were evident on the runway at the likes of Jil Sander and Chloe. Balance the look by teaming your piece with slimming cigarette pants. Play with the shape by nipping in the waistline to create a more sophisticated look.

Chloe oversize


Jay Park, Jessica and After School | Korean Fashion Icons

Jay Park for Vogue Girl Korea

Jay Park is definitely one of the hottest Korean pop icon.  After his departure from the K-pop group 2PM he is currently busy with his upcoming album and movie production.  Jay is also currently doing a photo shoot for Vogue Girl Korea. Jay Park showed off his toned body as he posed along side the pool.  He had his signature look which was shirtless.

He showed off his physique and his tattoos.  His tattoo behind his ear was the character “AOM” while his chest tattoo was about his family.  He wore minimalist outfit on monotones.  He wore white, greys and his own skin in some of his photos.  One thing that was unusual with the shoot was his hairstyle.  It was kinda normal and typical not the one that he usually sported.

Jessica for Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week

One of the most fashionable K-pop idol is here to prove that she’s not just for music but also for fashion.  Jessica opened the Resurrection by Lee Juyoung.  And she was garbed in an all black outfit.  Jessica is quite busy with her many commitments especially with fashion.

After School for Elle Girl

The girls of the K-pop group After School showed off their different music taste for their latest photoshoot. The girls namely: Jung Ah, Raina, Nana, E-Young and UEE are the members of the group.

Their comeback is already scheduled and they are currently busy doing photo shoots and promotions.  The are know for their sexy images but in their photo shoot they were able to serve their other flavor.  They were able to express the following genres: punk rock, swing, disco and fashion.  This is the first time E-Young did a photo shoot but she was able to deliver an excellent performance.  They showed off 80′s inspired look with retro hairstyle which revealed their character.

In an interview, the staff were able to tell that they are the best girl group in Korea.  Nana mentioned,”Sometimes we get out of line and argue, but we always get along. Although there is only a little age difference between us, the unnies will sometimes discipline the younger ones. In reality though, everyone is just too nice. This album will be more appealing to the public. There will be stage changes. After School will show off our different colors during the performances, and I expect that will be our secret weapon.”

Check out their issue this coming May 2011.


Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trend: Drop Waist

Lace Trim Drop Waist Knit Dress
The drop waist trend recently spruced up the runway collections for spring/summer 2012.  The vintage vibe continues to make a declaration this season.  Fashion designers like Etro, Chloe, Cavalli, Victoria Beckham showed their love for this chic silhouette.  
Crochet Collar Drop Waist Dress
The drop waist trend is a ’20s inspired look.  It’s nostalgic about the flapper trend which was the most celebrated look during that time.  The flapper look consists of drop waist dress, hair fascinators and the wavy bob.  For spring/summer 2012, the drop waist trend varies in style.  Some dresses feature drop waists that are two inches below the waist which makes it more dramatic.
Lace Trim Drop Waist Chiffon Top
This contemporary trend was a product of women’s fashion revolution.  The drop waist trend features masculine elements. Women before the ’20s wore corsets and tight dresses. After the revolution in the ’20s women started to fight for their freedom of expression.  The flapper trend is the product of this fashion revolution.  The drop waist trend features a masculine silhouette.  It’s the exact opposite of the corset trend.  
Drop Waist Floral Chiffon Dress
The drop waist features the signature dropped waistlines.  During the ’50s the trend became popular as the feminist continued to fight for their rights. It continued until the ’60s and was often referred to as classy outfits for sophisticated women.  Many fashion brands decided to create drop waist frocks with different fabrics, patterns and prints.  This opened the opportunity for women to wear an outfit according to their fashion taste. The trend flourished until the ’80s and ’90s. This spring/summer 2012 fashion designers took notice of the drop waist silhouette and decided to let go of the hourglass silhouettes.
How to Wear Drop Waist Trend:
  • Most drop waist dresses come in breezy and lightweight fabrics.  This is perfect for spring and summer.  Wear pastel colored dresses for an elegant outfit.  You can wear a slim fit drop waist dress if you’re not confident enough to wear a slouchy silhouette.
  • Drop waist tops are great alternatives to drop waist dresses.  It’s perfect for hiding your flaws and showing off your best assets. Wear a style that flatters your arms, legs, chest and shoulders.  
  • Drop waist dresses can be paired with other trends.  Check the other Spring/Summer 2012 trends and incorporate it with the drop waist silhouette.  
  • Choose a color palette that’s hot this season.  Candy colors,bold colors and pastel colors are few of the palettes you can choose from.
  • Spruce up your drop waist look with edgy accessories to add contrast. Wear embellishments like pleats, frills and ruffles for an interesting detail.  

Fall/Winter 2011 Essentials: Scarves

A scarf is a definite must-have for the fall/winter season.  It’s a classic accessory that never goes out of style.  Scarves are designed to keep the wearer warm and fuzzy.

A scarf is a perfect statement piece that completes an outfit just like a bag or a pair of shoes.  Let’s take a peek on the history of the scarf below:

  • The purpose of scarf was to keep people clean and not an accessory.  The scarf was used as a sweat cloth to wipe off sweat.  It was usually worn around the neck.
  • It was also used as part of a military’s uniform.  The scarves determine the rank of its wearer.
  • It became a fashion item in the 1800′s.  It was made from silk with designs and patterns.
  • The popularity of scarves increased and it became an instant fashion hit.  Scarves were made in less expensive fabric like rayon.  Those who could not afford to buy a silk scarf were given an option.

The scarves evolve as the people who wore them progress.  Once worn during the World War era it was reinvented to suit the lifestyle of its wearer.  The style,pattern and fabric were reinvented through time.

Reasons to Wear the Scarf:

  • Scarves are versatile.  It can be worn in more than 5 ways.  It can be twisted and tied on the neck, used as a headscarf and so many other ways.
  • A scarf creates an understated look.  It can transform a simple outfit into something interesting and chic.  You can wear it to highlight your top or add color to your monochrome ensemble.
  • It’s easy to incorporate and comes in different styles and patterns.  If you want an accessory that suits your personality the scarf is perfect for you.

Who wore it better?

Recently actress Lee Yeon Hee and Girl’s Generation member Seohyun were spotted wearing the same cape jacket.

On the latest episode of JTBC’s ‘Girl’s Generation and the Dangerous Boys‘, Seohyun showed off her cute young charms by wearing a camel colored cape jacket over a casual stripped knit dress.

In contrast, Leo Yeon Hee  wore the same cape jacket in black over a brown turtle neck top with a black wide brimmed hat. Unlike Seohyun’s cute vibe, Lee Yeon Hee gave off a more mature and chic image through this look.

A marketing representative from clothing company Joinus commented, “Lee Yeon Hee and Seohyun are both wearing a black and camel cape jacket that can be paired with a variety of styles [to give off different vibes], so it’s a very popular item this season.”


Korean Fashion Icons: SHINee and Hyomin

SHINee New Models for Etude House 

The K-Pop group SHINee was chosen by the cosmetic brand Etude House.  The news was announced in Etude House’s Facebook page.  The campaign was also officially announced by Etude House.

The cosmetic brand chose SHINee to endorse their brand because of the popularity and influence to their fans.  They also represent the brand’s image.  SHINee is now part of the growing family of endorsers for Etude House.  Sandara Park or Dara from 2NE1 is the current endorser for the cosmetic brand both locally and internationally.

SHINee will be launching a new campaign as revealed by Etude House.  The campaign is called Bee Happy which will feature SHINee promoting Etude House’s hand cream.  The photo is a sneak peek on the campaign for Etude  House.

T-ara’s Hyomin poses for High Cut Korea

Hyomin from T-ara poses for the covers of High Cut Korea.  She shows off some of the most fashionable pair of sweaters perfect for Autumn.  The outfits if Hyomin wore outfits that are comfy and cozy perfect for the autumn season.  The color palette includes warm and neutral shades.  Hyomin wore a brown knitted top by Rick Owens. She also wore an olive green blanket around herself to keep warm.

Hyomin also wore a bright peach pink sweater.  Autumn is not all about dark colors.  It is also the perfect time to experiment with bright and loud colors. The most comfortable outfit to wear during the cold season includes sweaters, cardigans and boots.  It keeps you warm without sacrificing style.

The stunning After School!

A recent photo of the After School members recently surfaced on an online community board with the caption, “After School looks stunning even in comparison to oversea models“.

The netizen continued to write, “Last Saturday I noticed there were so many people at the mall and I and went to see what the commotion was about, and I saw that there were some lengthy models there. I later realized they were the After School girls.”

And the girls sure did look stunning in the photo with their small faces, lengthy legs, and perfect physiques, even standing next to some of the hottest models fromAmerica.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “They all look like perfect models“, “Maybe it’s the lighting but they all look dazzling“, and “Is that Nicky Hilton?”

Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends Part 2

We’ve talked about some of the hottest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012 and now let’s continue with the list.

Boat Neck

Show off your sexy shoulder with the boat neckline. Fashion designers like D&G, Emilio Pucci, Roccobarocco, Rodarte, Bluemarine and Monique Lhuillier.


Pleats dominated last season and this time it continues to be a buzz worthy design. For spring/summer 2012 large and soft pleats will replace the girly and ultra feminine pleats of the last season. Fashion designers like: Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Badgley Mischka and Alexander McQueen.

Perforated Fabrics

For the spring/summer 2012 materials like perforated fabrics bring new dimension. Fashion designers like Theyken’s Theory, Elena Mlro, Chloe, Hakaan, Giles and Loewe features perforated fabrics in their collection.


We’ve seen the rise of the peplum trend as seen on celebrities walking in red carpet events. Peplum dress, skirt, tops and trousers are some of the popular outfits for spring/summer. Peplum adds volume to the hips creating a sexy silhoutte. Fashion designers like: Jason Wu, Preen, Versace, Giles, Badgley Mischka and Dries Van Noten features peplum in their collection.

Sheer Clothing

The sheer trend was quite popular last year.  Women loved wearing sheer fabrics as popularized by some fashion designers like: Badgley Mischka, Lanvin, Akris, Betsey Johnson, Jason Wu and Chanel.

Summer Suit

Summer suits come in different style, color, prints and fabrics. It’s perfect for a smart casual look and you can experiment with this look. Recreate the look from fashion designers like: Ferre, Daks, Blumarine, Nina Ricci, Lanvin and Bebe.

Suit Tailors in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city where you can have custom made suits completed in just a few days. This is good for the business executive who has an important meeting to attend. The tailoring business in Hong Kong became very popular after the 1950s, when families who were in the tailoring business fled from places like Shanghai to Hong Kong.

While tailoring was cheap back then, this is no longer the case. The business has greatly grown in the region, and so have the prices. In most cases, you can expect the pay the same prices for tailoring in Hong Kong that you would pay back at home. You will naturally want to get a suit which perfectly fits you. The best tailoring shops in Hong Kong can rival the likes of even London, a place which is well known for the quality of their tailoring. Despite this, the prices in Hong Kong are generally cheaper.

Getting a high quality custom suit in Hong Kong will cost you just over $1000. Getting a custom silk shirt could cost you just over $100. Tailors in the city can create anything you need, and this includes business suits, wedding gowns, and leather jackets. Some stores will also allow you to use your own fabric, while others will insist that you purchase theirs. The vast majority of tailors will offer a wide selection of different fabrics and patterns, and visitors will have a lot to choose from. Fine fabrics such as silk or cashmere are available, as well as cheaper products such as cotton and wool.

If tailors in Hong Kong don’t have the fabric or pattern you want, bringing along a photo of the fabric you want will allow them to make a copy. It typically takes about a week for tailors to make you a suit or outfit. You should let them know in detail what you want. Include information about the tightness, fit, and buttons you want. If you have a problem with the finished product, don’t be afraid to tell them. If this happens, you may have to forfeit a portion of the deposit you made.

The entire city of Hong Kong has well over 2000 tailoring shops. This means that visitors shouldn’t have a problem finding a tailoring shop if they need to. Most of the high quality shops will be located in hotels. It is important to remember that the area a shop is located in will determine how high the prices are.